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About Enroll Fire

The sheer number of job applicants you process can be dizzying
Enroll Fire's platform is designed for employers that have a high volume of applicants and need to capture thier employment and benefit enrollment data more efficiently.  Paper forms can take between 5-10 minutes to process per form, so taking the enrollment online can eliminate nearly all the time required for processing these forms.  Enroll Fire captures enrollment data through mobile phones and transmitts the data to carriers with no processing required by your internal staff members.
Necessity is the mother of all invention.  Enroll Fire's founders have nearly two decades in the staffing industry and over one decade working in various capacities within the insurance and benefit arena.  Noticing that staff members were spending valuable time processing employment and benefit enrollment forms and not on thier primary job, we knew their had to be a better way.  Enroll Fire was born out of pure necessity to eliminate staff member processing of enrollment forms.  The byproduct of Enroll Fire has been a reduction in data processing errors to nearly zero and a significant increase in benefit acceptance due to ease of use by the enrollee.    
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